IT Seminar Topics for MCA on Intra Communication Software with Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topics  on Intra Communication Software:

In order to allow communication among all the people in the organization a new concept is introduced which is known as ‘Intra-communication Software’. In a telephone communication there can be usually two people at both the end and at a time and the users can heard the words from any one end. To facilitate online and offline discussion this internal project is developed by a software company. It helps in resolving the problems that occurs in a company. This system is designed to maintain body meetings, live meetings and conferences on the net and also to develop in a client or server environment. It aims to do the following tasks:

Chat option is available by choosing a single user from the list

Grouping users

Supporting multi-conference option

The existing system is used by a lot of companies and they easily maintain their own intra communication facilities but they do not able to provide the option of conference or live meetings through online system to the employees. As this is the main disadvantage of the users who are using this method currently and in order to overcome this we are trying our best to introduce a similar system with advance technologies. As it is created by the Microsoft Front page therefore it cannot be utilized in all the web browsers.

The new proposed system will be free from all this problems and it will able to meet the requirements of our clients. Moreover, the new system will allow online and offline discussions which will help to solve the problems arising in the organization to solve quickly. This project is very important for smooth functioning of organizational works. The new system will have various new and amazing features that will also able to solve the problems o the current users. 

Download  IT Seminar Topics for MCA on Intra Communication Software with Seminar Report.

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