Water Level Indicator Electrical Project Abstract

Water level indicator electrical project explains about displaying information of water level in the tank by using led lights. There are four led lights used in the circuit when LED1 is on it means that water level is at ¼ of the tank and if LED 2 is displayed then water level is ½ of the tank and if LED 3 is displayed water level is ¾ of the tank and if LED 4 is displayed water level is full. This project uses IC Chip CD4066. 


In this paper you can find circuit diagram of the project which can be first tested on bread board and then make it in to circuit board. This paper explains about how this project works with circuit diagram explanation.

download  Water level indicator electrical project abstract Embedded system Abstract.

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  1. Sir ..
    Please give me how many elements in water level indicator.. & resistance value ,IC number…, LED value….

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