Autonomous Vehicle with GPS Navigation Abstract

The Autonomous robot with GPS Navigation  is an unmanned vehicle that runs in a field continuously by sensing an obstacle in its path. This obstacle sensing is possible by an infra red sensor. 

Global Positioning System (GPS) based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) hardware units with programmable micro-controller to collect x-y-z coordinates at  specified intervals along road and railway networks, and storing location points on the way until the information is requested and send though wireless. 

One of the most important communications in the world is a satellite communication. That receives the data globally from the satellite with the perfect position. The GPS module is manufactured for grasping the positions of longitudinal and latitudinal positions using satellite communication. This module is interfaced to the micro controller through a max232 which is a voltage level converter between GPS module to the micro controller. When a message was received from the GPS then the micro controller will display that message on LCD.


  • In military applications
  • Industrial automation 


  1. Keiluv2 IDE tool
  2. ISP programmer
  3. Embedded C programming 


  1. Microcontroller
  2. LCD display
  3. L293d driver IC
  4. Gp2d12  sensor


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