Vehicle Monitoring and Control System Using Micro controller Project

Introduction to Vehicle Monitoring and Control System Using Micro controller Project:

We know that most of the accidents involve heavy vehicles such as trucks and busses. The main reason is because of them using huge engines and complex running structure compared to smaller cars there is greater risk of any of the system being failed while the vehicle is moving at a high speed or even because of driver error an accident may be caused.

Hence there is a need to monitor the vehicles parameters such as speed of the vehicle, temperature of engine, fuel availability, battery monitoring, proximity detection and coolant level is essential for the safety of vehicle. This information should not only be visible to driver but also to the base stations/owners.

In this system we make use of PSOC – programmable system on chip instead of microcontroller which reads all the parameters of the vehicle and transmits the same data to base stations using RF frequency.

PSOC’s has powerful processor architecture, advanced peripherals, Flexible on-chip memory, precision programmable clocking, programmable pin configuration, additional system resources and complete development tools.

Operation: – The important parameters of the vehicle are measured using appropriate sensors and this information is transferred to PSOC. Then the PSOC samples the data at regular intervals and the corresponding actions to be taken are stored in its memory for later or immediate action.

The speed of the engine is monitored every second and is converted into RPM which is displayed to driver continuously and when speed exceeds a certain value, the PSOC automatically activates a motor which apply the brakes. In this way the speed is limited to a predefined value.

Similarly all other parameters can be sensed and controlled immediately or at later stage at a base station. Hence this system of Vehicle-monitoring and control system using microcontroller helps in better management of heavy vehicles and reduces the accidents to highways to greater extent.

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