Black Box for Vehicles Micro Controller Mechanical Project

This BLACK BOX FOR VEHICLES Micro Controller Mechanical Project is prospered to note the required data like speed of engine or vehicle, engine temperature etc to transform motor vehicle field of accident investigation. It is utilized to map the vehicle and accident attentive by using GSM and GPS technology.

 The embedded system includes minimum of one microprocessor to do the system’s logic operations. The embedded systems make use of micro controllers that are a kind of microprocessor which increases cost-effectiveness and self-sufficiency though it is a general-purpose microprocessor.

 The micro controller needs adequate interfaces and memory for easy applications and general-purpose microprocessors needs chips to offer these works containing ROM (read-only memory) chip to save the software.

 The project makes use of micro controller IC microchip like Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC), MPLAB, and Integrated Development Environment to provoke and congregate the written code.

 Some of the features of this vehicle are speed on-screen LCD, fuel level, mileage, and engine temperature. It stops crashes with Ultrasonic sensor. GSM and GPS technology gives accident alerts. It is user friendly VB front end to take the data at the receiver end. It enhances productivity, manages driver functions, and offers Key Management Reports.


It is concluded that the Black Box for Vehicles Micro Controller Mechanical Project is designed by using Embedded Technology. Embedded systems have a vital part in day to day life though it is invisible. An embedded system is described as a computer system made to do certain action and also described for the purpose of a single computer. The system controls the television’s menu system, cell phone, MP3 player etc.

Download Black Box for Vehicles Micro Controller Mechanical Project

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