Electronics Project Automatic Bike Controller Using Infrared Rays

The project “Electronics Project Automatic Bike Controller Using Infrared Rays” is implemented by using an electronic circuit, a microcontroller. The reason for using a microcontroller is that is a very advanced circuit. The microcontroller forms the processing part which receives data from receiver via a remote controller. It then compares the lock and unlocks logic for programming the microcontroller. The LCD display containing data and pulses is fed to the driver circuit of the bike and desired output is obtained.

      electronics-project-automatic-bike-controller-using-infrared-rays The transmitter used is infrared transmitter which is remote controlled. It is used to transfer information to the carrier and to launch a cycle modulation by changing the serial code. They use modulated square wave for their communication. The output is low when there is carrier but it is high when carrier is absent.

          The Automatic bike controller using infrared rays project is fabricated around the microcontroller. It is high power device consuming low power and has a programmable memory. The signal generated by the microcontroller is weak in nature and is passed through the amplifier for amplification. This amplified signal drives the output i.e. motor in this case.

               The display unit is LCD which displays required information like Starting set point. It is very important as lock of Automatic bike controller. This project utilizes 5 V and 12 V voltage supply. 5 V is given to the microcontroller and IR receiver. This voltage is stepped down from the mains with the aid of a transformer.


         This project is implemented for a bike controller here but it can be expanded to apply at home devices. Another way to implement this project is to use it as a TV remote. Furthermore this project can be expanded  in the future and create remote control electronic devices formulated for security

Download Electronics Project on Automatic Bike Controller Using Infrared Rays.

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