Use of Biometrics

The applications based on the biometrics are used in many areas where user identification and verification are necessary for authenticating the user from fake users. Even using these applications will offer many advantages. Near the gateways where authentication is necessary for the people then these biometric applications are used to identify the person who is authorized. A person is verified for making him authorized and proves him as he; this is also used to identify the identity of a person in many unsafe contexts. It is a fact there is a problem with the physical identification systems like tokens, ATM cards and Id cards can be theft or lost.

There are more chances for frauds in such cases but using the biometric approaches there is such challenges to be faced. Even the passwords used for the authentication personally in some cases can be forgotten easily and sometimes they may be hacked by the intruders. In present day world internet has become a part in our day to day life and a result the frauds caused by the intruders and hackers by means of internet has also been increased and thus using these biometric based application can provide security in this kind of issues.

In general passwords are used as identification proofs for personal identification of users in e-commerce and e-transactions. These typesof passwords are used by the users and there are many chances for forgetting these pass words and so they are always warned to remember those passwords. Not only passwords few authentication metrics like pin numbers used for ATMs and templates used for personal authentications are posed to create multiples. These are considered as the most secure means of authentication. In the present world authentication for the end users is provided by using several authentication techniques by the implementation of the biometric systems. Users are offered with high level security which is very much sophisticated in providing authentication for the users.

                        To be frank no biometric identification system is perfect, because each and every type of biometric system has its own disadvantages along with the advantages. The approach of biometric based user authentication is success because of the uniqueness in each and every approach which cannot be similar to any others and the other factor for the success of the biometric systems is they are user friendly in nature. Even the process that is followed in biometric systems is easy to implement and also quick to complete, for example conversation in a microphone, taking a picture in video camera or sensing the fingerprint scanner etc.

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