Overview and Introduction of Biometrics


The procedure followed for identifying a person by depending on the physical and mental behaviours are called as Biometrics, these behaviours come under the intrinsic behaviors  In the present day world, due to the trend of IT sector many frauds are done and using the biometrics approach for safe access control and also for the recognition and identity access management. Even the human groups are also identified using this approach of biometrics. Biometrical have few characteristic and they are classified into two kinds as physiological bio metrics and behavioural biometrics. The identifications related to the body shape come under Physiological bio-metrics category and some examples for the physiological biometrics are face features, fingerprints and DNA etc. And the identifications related to the human behavior come under the Behavioral bio-metrics category and few examples for this are gait, typing rhythm and voice etc. 

Overview of Biometrics:

                                The usage of biometric system is done in two modes one is verification and the other one is verification and the other one is identification. The detailed explanation of these two modes is given below:


                     In this mode the biometric proof is used same as like the username, Identity number and smart cards by which the systems works. Even the techniques applied for the authentication and verification procedures are same here also. First of all the biometric proofs are gathered and that captured proofs are preserved in the form of templates and they are used for the similar process.


                    In this mode one particular biometric template is considered and that template is compared with all the other available samples in an enormous biometric database. All the enrolled and predefined templates are preserved in the biometric database. If when the considered template is matched with any off the template that already exists in the database then the result is said to be positive and if there is no match then the authentication is identified as wrong.

                                  Enrolment is procedure of making use of the biometric systems for the first time. During this process of enrolment the information of an individual is stored into the database. If the biometric system is strong then the toughest issues like retrieving the information and storing the information is done more securely. 

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