Smart Blood Bank Mobile Android Application


The Smart Mobile blood bank is a android mobile based final year project. The Android project mainly used in emergency situations, through mobile user can get whole information regarding blood donars. Person who need to donate blood may register in our  mobile app  as he can modify their details by giving their  login user name and password. The person who need blood donor then they can search and find blood donors by using our application. User can get brief details about their contact details including their location. The user can make a call or message directly by using our application.


In present scenario searching for blood donors can take place through online blood bank websites or blood bank centers or by toll free numbers. So far it is a time taken process.


  • It is having lots of manual work.
  • Every time user needs to connect net for online searching.
  • It is waste of time to go to blood bank centers if available blood not presences.
  • Most of the times user should want to wait in queue.

1.3. Proposed System:

Mobile blood bank is mobile based project Mobile is a portable device, so far it can move easily from one place to another place easily. So Mobile is the best choice for communication .By using of this application people who want to donate their blood can register in this application by providing their details. And Persons who needs blood then they can search and found the blood which group they need. After searching list of donors will be displayed. Then user can communicate with them easily.

1.4. Advantages of Proposed System:

  • Easy way to find the donors
  • Less time
  • No need to search blood centers and no need to waiting in queue.
  • User can find their specific blood group
  • User can find donors contact details
  • User can communicate with donor by making call or message directly to the donors by using our application

1.5. Conclusion:

By using this application we can overcome the problem which we are facing in current scenario and we can introduce a new way to find blood donors.

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  1. Please send me the code, platform details and other details regarding this project…
    In anticipation of ur response..:)

  2. please send source code for this application,and salso send details about front and back end,domain

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