Automobile Utilization Visual Basic Project

AUTOMOBILE-UTILIZATION-VISUAL-BASIC-PROJECTThe CSE students who are interested in doing the project on visual basics they can select Automobile Utilization visual basic project. Automobile system deals with the purchase and sales of the good and maintains the stock. It contains various forms and reports with different function. It has the menus created for different forms and reports.

The main objectives of Automobile system are:

  • Easy to generate report for any transaction.
  • It is very much faster and flexible than manual system.
  • Easy and fastest   record finding technique.
  • Man power required is very less.
  • Data can be stored for a longer record.

Visual Basic syntax ideally suited for producing windows application. Ms Word, Ms Access and Ms PowerPoint all share Visual Basic for application, the exact same language syntax in Visual Basic-6.0. It continues the tradition of simple, powerful and easy to learn a language yet adds enough extended capabilities to satisfy the most jaded developer.

A database is coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. Database stores data that is useful to us. This data is only a part of entire data available in the world around us.


  • ·         Processor: Pentium-iii
  • ·         RAM: 256 MB           
  • ·         Hard Disk: 4.3GB
  • ·         Floppy Disk: 1.44 MB
  • ·         CD Drive
  • ·         Monitor-15” Color Monitor


  • ·         Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • ·         Oracle 8i
download Automobile Utilization Visual Basic Project.

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