Facebook Stock Broker Application Java Project

Introduction to Facebook Stock Broker Application Java Project:

The main aim this app is implementation of stock broker in Social Networking Site Facebook stock broker means who buys & sells shares of various companies It is developed using Java Development Kit and OracleJava Script, JSP, Servlets .The investor who want to invest will contact the broker   required stock that he want and Stock broker acts as mediator between The firm and investor and gets commission from the buyer.by this kind of process buyers are lost

To prevent this kind of problems stock broker is developed in Face book where buyers can talk with each other regarding stocks in market.charges for this also very less compared when dealing with broker.

By this process lot of burden is saved and they directly transfer money from home through online transfer via internet  not only this money is also saved and also can contact broker directly.by developing this app it provides a better communication between broker & buyer

Existing system:

               In these days for buying shares investors have to contact directly with stock broker. The Investor   Continue   trading stock with   other persons   with acceptable price in company.It directly indicates that there is a need of broker for running stock exchanges with no difficulties


  1.  In this system investors should give high commission rates to brokers
  2.  Lot of time is wasted by contacting broker to know the current status in market
  3. Correct information about stock exchange is Unknown 

Proposed System:

                                               By implementing the facebook  stock broker app it is usefull  for   both broker and investor. This can be concluded by following Advantages

Advantage of investors:

                                                             The people who are investing have so many doubts on which stock they have to invest to get better profit and there is need of getting suggestion from stock broker about investment and mostly they prefer getting advice from the people who they know.By online networking then can interact with each other. This can be achieved by facebook stock broker app.Investors can also know  other peoples  interest in various trends.by this kind of online activity investors can get time to time updates which helps in making good investments.

Advantage for Brokers:

  Brokers have many advantages because whenever investor wants to buy a stock.Brokers get commissions every time when the investor buys a stock 

User Advantages By Facebook application: 

Easy Access:    The User can easily access the market through online.The traders can verify the Real Time online stock trade account and helps to give better idea about  what they are dealing with.Communication between user and  broker is achieved by online chat

Eliminate Middlemen: This is used to separate long term middlemen involved in stock trading.By this they can Buy & sell the stock easily and also allows the traders to contact stock trading brokers directly.

Lower Commission:By this higher commission rates can be decreased.Another benefit is brokers charge certain amount money only.

Rich Information Source: Distance between traders & commercial market is decreased.the traders can get various types of information regarding stocks companies market trends and also facilitates investor to communicate with each other

Wider Investment Choice:  It provides many choices for investor where they can invest like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance.

Quick Trade execution: The trading can be done very quickly.The complete trading process is made so simple and wastage of time decreased.

The Facebook stock broker app has eight modules

Registration:The users who are already registered can access the Stock Broker Application.New users have to signup for login.

User:The user can view their profile after logging and can send friend request

Application: In This so many apps are displayed the user can select any of the apps and selected app will be shown

Application Request: Application Request is shown the user can accept & reject or user can ignore the request.

Stock Portfolio Canvas Page: The canvas page is displayed which contains information about different stocks that are available and they can also share them. Trade stocks can be controlled.

Portfolio page After Trade: By Entering shares of a stock they can be buoyed clicking Buy/Sell Option

Trade Notification: Trade notifications are displayed to friends depending on settings

Recommended Stock to Friends: For recommending stock friend request is to be sent to the others. And it is shown in application Request form.

Download  Facebook Stock Broker Application Java Project.

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