Library Management System Visual Basic Project Report

The library is very necessary and knowledgeable to the people. The existing library is giving its services manually on the basis of subscription they use for the particular period of time in which they can rent and read the books. The Librarian keeps all information regarding the books in a register that mentions which is issued and which is their in the Library.

The manual recording in library system is now replaced with the computer. The automation gives the librarian to run off from the large paper work and save lot of time. The computer has the large memory capacity and efficient in retrieving the information.

The Library Management System has focused on the computerization of all transactions of the Library in an user friendly interface that can be managed in an efficient manner.

The Existing System

The current system in the Library records the requests by the member and search for the book in the Library and then the details related with issue has been noted into the record. During the time of returning of book the librarian identifies the record about the due time. In case of returning after due time the book has to be charged extra rent. The manual recording of all transactions and entries consumes more time and cumbersome.

The Proposed System

Our Proposed system has made the whole process computerized which is more easy and efficient to operate. The system enhances the accessibility of the library management in terms of quality, range and services. The computerized system make user to explore the library books and easy to store data and retrieve data. The computerized library management is more perfect, accurate and accessible than manual library management. 

The Hardware requirements are processor Pentium IV, 40 GB hard disk drive, 256 MB RAM.

The Software requirements are Windows XP or 2000 operating system, Front End- Visual Basic 6.0, Back- SQL Oracle (SQL plus 8.0).

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