Radar Crash Rescue Visual Basic Project

Project Description:  Radar Crash Rescue visual basic project.

    RADAR is the product brand named by Blitz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. RADAR Crash Rescue is a system level application package, which can recover a system from crash, with powerful compression capability. It has two modes of data and crash recovery (i) through windows interface (ii) from the DOS console.

   The Application is implemented in four modules:

  • Backup (System files, Registry, Personal data): To backup the system critical files without   which the system cannot boot. It has also got a wizard for a step by step assistance
  • Restore (System files, Registry, Personal data): To restore the system files when there is a problem in booting the system
  • Registry cleaner (with undo facility): Scans for errors and removes unnecessary keys from the registry which boosts the performance of the system
  • Boot disk: Creates a windows and DOS boot disk through which the system can be booted. The boot disk contains DOS version, which has the same features as in windows
  • Scheduler: Schedule backups (through profiles set by the user) and remind about the tasks that has to be done at specified date and time

   Front End                : Visual Basic 6.0.

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  1. Sir,
    I am Third year IT student , I am going to select this project as my first mini.I need help and I wanted the project to get it download.Please take it as a request and inform as soon as possible

  2. Im a 3rd yr cse student.i want to do this as my mini project.how can i download”radar crash rescue system in vb”?

  3. this project is very interesting………..
    how can i download the ‘radar crash rescue visual basic project??’

  4. this project is very interesting……..
    how can i download ‘Radar crash rescue visual basic project???’

  5. please do give some ideas for bca 5th sem project using visual basics as front end and ms access or sql as back end suggest some topics asap please it would be helpfull for me please

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    I want to use this idea for my final year project, please help me with detailed document and source code.

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  7. Its very interesting .. Plz say how to download this project .. Plz take it as a request and tell the way to download this project

  8. Hi! I got attracted by the topic “Radar Crash Rescue” Visual Basic Project and liked to view this project with source code for my final year project. Can you me the report

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