INFOPODS ZIGBEE-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices

INFOPODS ZIGBEE-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices: In general monitoring and controlling of the devices at the home for need to done at the device’s place only. We need to check for the device whether it is on/off and for switching on/off the device we need to go to the device place. But this project will provide the good solution for monitoring and controlling of the devices from the remote locations. This project consist two microcontroller modules which will communicate through zigbee based wireless communication. 

One microcontroller module will be connected to the device to which we need to monitor and control. And other embedded system device will be used for monitor and control the device which are at the remote locations.

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: Embedded ‘C’ language

TOOLS REQUIRED: Keil Software, Flash magic Software

DESTINATION DEVICE: LPC2148 microcontroller

APPLICATIONS: used in the home for controlling and monitoring of the different devices

FEATURES: Economical, portable and a low maintenance solution for greenhouse applications

Download INFOPODS ZIGBEE-Based Remote Information Monitoring Devices Embedded System Final Project Abstract

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