Training and Placement Cell Java Project


Training and placement cell is smart java based web application used to find the placements around you and this final year project allows you to directly apply for the drive and the company who is conducting the drive will see your request and if they interested in your profile they will accept the request.

This procedure is very much easy and time saving for those who are attending drives. In this application, the admin will log in and add the companies by giving all the necessary details. The admin can view the user requests if any registered user’s login and view the drives and send a request for a drive.

Now the admin can accept the user requests by seeing his details in user details like his percentage in Engineering etc. Before accepting the user admin will search the user by the name he can find the details of user like Resume etc. This application will help the user in finding right jobs to apply.

There are two modules in the application

  1. Admin
  2. User


Admin will login into the application by giving username and password and admin can view the registered users in the application and their basic information about academics. Admin Will post the Drive notices if any campus placements or drives taking place in the college. Admin can also search the registered users and admin can view the users resume by clicking on the users.  Admin can accept the drive requests from the user.


The user will register and login into the application by giving username and password. The user will see the drive uploaded by the admin. If the user is Interested in the drive he can send the request for the drive and if admin accepts the user request he can attend the drive.

Existing System: 

In the existing system, we need to search for jobs on different websites and we may not know whether they are correct or not so there may chance of misguiding users. In the existing system if the recruiter needs to the user resume by the details given by him.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed System, the registered user can directly view the jobs, which are posted by admin. If the user is interested, he can directly send the request. If the recruiter wants to see the user resume he can just directly search the user and he can find the username.

Output Screens:

Home Page

Fig 1: Home Page

This page shows the basic view of how the home page of the application looks showing the modules present in the application.

Fig 2: Admin login

In this Admin login page admin can login into the application by giving username and password.

Fig 3: Admin Home Page

Successful login the home page of admin shows the basic functionalities of admin.

Fig 4: View User Details page

In this view user details page admin can view the user details and their academic details.

Fig 5: Add placements Drive Notice

In this add placements drive notice page admin will ad the drive details like company name, department etc.

Fig 6: View User Requests

In this view user requests page admin can view the user request for a drive and admin accept the users.

Fig 7: search Users page

In this search users page admin can search the registered users in the application.

Fig 8: View Search Results Page

After searching the user’s admin will get results as a list of students and click on the user you will get above results.

Fig 9: User Registration

In this user registration page user will register into the application by giving necessary details.

Fig 10: User Login page

In this user login page user will login into the application by giving username and password.

Fig 11: User Home Page

Successful login user will enter into the page showing the basic functionalities of the user.

Fig 12: View Company Placements Drives Page

In this View Company Placements Drives Page, the user can view the placement drives uploaded by the admin.

Software Requirements: 

JDK 1.8, NetBeans 8.0.2, MySQL5.5, SQLYog

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