Exam Branch Management System Java Project


It emphasizes two main concepts of the examination branch that results in the analysis and distribution of memoranda. The results analysis focuses on the percentage of class passes in each subject and the number of students approved in all subjects. The note distribution includes information about the list of students who took the memos and the date of receipt.

Existing System

• Maintaining all the data manually by records.
• Don’t have Subject wise marks display process in Examination branch related to class or Subject.


  • Take Time consuming process for search memorandums.
  • No Efficiency for usage.
  • Maintaining records as Cost effective.

Proposed System

An application is developed so that the information of the students who have received the memos and the date of issue of their memos is stored.
Along with the pass percentage of every class, we can also view pass percentage of every subject of a class.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Student sequence Diagram:

Lecturer Sequence diagram:

Admin Sequence diagram:

Student Collaboration Diagram:

Admin Collaboration Diagram:

Class Diagram:

ER Diagram:

Deployment Diagram:

Component Diagram:

DFD Diagram:


Admin Module:

Here admin can log in and maintain student and store their details in the database. Distribute required details to students.

Students Module:

Student contains authentication process mean registration and login fields. The student has individual hall ticket number and also views total result with overall subjects and related results. In this Module, the Students can view their marks information and with the particular subject marks of every class.

Output Screens:

Home Page:

Admin Login Page:

Admin Home Page:

Faculty Allocation Page:

Add Time Table:

Exam Fee Details:

Student Memos:

Students List:


Students Full List:

Exam Time Table:

Student Registration Form:

Student Login:

Download Exam Branch Management System Java Project Code, Report, Database

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