Online Training and Placement Project on Java Abstract

Introduction to Online Training and Placement Project on Java:

The Online and Placement Project model is the development of the College Online portal for the Training and Placement Cell. The application can be browsed and accessed in and out of the Institute. The system access can be done by the entering the login ID that has given to the user.

The online portal for the Placement cell is consists of the application developed for the TAPO of the college for maintaining the Student database for the placement. The user or student logging to the portal can update their information as Curriculum vitae. The Visitors and the company personnel for the placement concern can retrieve the information of the student CV by logging in the online portal.

The Existing System

Currently, the purpose of the students for joining the college is to have good placement and training for their career. The existing system provides the manual training with many troubles that has been interrupting for both students and the placement manager. The burden on the Placement Manager is more as the he or she has to maintain bunches of the copies of Resumes of the students. And the student has to depend on the manager for information about the interview call.

The Proposed System

The Proposed System is called the Online Training and Placement System which is constructed to help the student by making online information about the placement schedule and the selection process. The resume of the student is now collected online by the placement manager and the maintain in a database. The interview schedule and the details have to be sent to student by email.

The working features of the Project

The features are listed below and the functions are done according to the lists. The improper details are an assumption to make. The feature consists of the two functions.

  1. Student and User Login:
  • The user login module can access the system and update CV or Search CV which is present in the front page of the application.
  • The student can upload the CV to update along with the updating information of his or her CV.
  • He or She can change the password.
  • The learning features of the module to use the features are present.
  1. Administration Login: The administration login can do the search for the CV and replace any CV from the system.

The system is developed by using operating system Windows, JAVA programming, JSP, Struts web technology, HTML, Javascript for developing the Front end program, Oracle 9i for developing Back end program, Apache Tomcat 6.0 Web server. 

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