ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library

Advancement in the present scenario of technology and research is growing day by day which had given the ability to transfer data from one end to other. Mobile technology has taken far more forward for achieving bigger goals.ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library project is about using mobile technology like Sms feature for searching books in library without any external human involvement. This application will reduce time for college students. 


  This project is developed using .Net frame work using c# which will be the front end and MySQL will be the database used as back end. 

Initially user should enter his details from front end in to database. When user sends sms to know the details of the book system in library will check database details and automatically fetch information and send back to user. There will be no cost for sms, this application uses free services like way2sms..Etc services for sending messages for free. 

.Net CSE Project On SMS Library application is developed using ASP.Net, C# .Net which is one of the best front end software available for developing quality applications. Main advantages of using C# .Net for this project is it is modern Component oriented language, It can be developed in windows , this language also provides best debugging and testing mechanism. This project uses inbuilt .Net frame work class library. 

This application is developed in 4 modules Admin module, Database Manager Module, SMS Extraction Module, Messaging Module. 

System specifications for SMS library ASP.Net project.

  • Platform                                          : .NET Framework 3.5
  • Front End                                         : Win Forms
  • Back End                                          : MS SQL Server 2005
  • IDE                                                    : Visual Studio 2008
  • Operating System                           : WIN XP/VISTA/WIN 7. 


  • Processor                                         : Pentium IV or above
  • Main Memory                                 : 1 GB RAM
  • Cache Memory                               : 512 KB
  • CPU Speed                                       : 1.9 GHz or above
  • Hard Disk Capacity                         : 20 GB or above
  • CD ROM Drive                                 : 52X

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  1. hello frnd…pls give me more information about these project and i want developed in java…..also i want provide security to it….i.e user are unique..

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