To manage the business processes, Dell’s integrated MIS serving are considers as an efficient way

For managing the process of business and improve the performance, the procedure of an efficient and integrated MIS serving is based upon the rest of this assignment. In the four walls of organizations does not finish the Processes of enterprise wise Business like functions or departments. Moreover, customers are integrates by this process and the customers are like partners of dell or best of variety vendors. The company’s links in the industry-wide system is highlight by another author. The process of inter organizational business is the most importance in these days.

Using the enhanced process of specific business, structures and capabilities, the performance of business improves by IT and this procedure is argues by the process oriented approach. In the value of IT business using the Resource Based View Theory (RBV) application, the dell is not directly links with the IT to improved performance of business. In this case, IT interacts or develops with organization capabilities and the processes of higher order business. The relationships of the supply chain are the examples for this type of business processes. The activities like internal and external and company process and analyzing the strengths and weakness of company are describes by the value chain method proposed by Lindgren.

Analyzing and choosing the correct process of right value chain, the successful robust business is creates by the Dell. Dell combines the customer management relationship and the concept of supplier to directly supplies to its customers. During the essential information of customer, Dell allows without any doubt to fight the best competitors than it. Moreover during the just in approach avoids the high obsolescence costs and high investment inventory costs at the same time due to the quick change of technology.

According to Walters, “vertuality becomes into reality” is allows by the improvement of the process management. For example, According to Dell, to improve the utilization rates of processor beyond 20% enables by the virtualization method. Moreover, the result is closing the two data centers, decomposing the total 8,000 servers, and saving the annual training costs of IT.

Dell is capable to create, delivers the maximum value to customers, and creates the competitive improvement by cooperating with the different opposite business partners using the value chain (Agency theory). During with the many suppliers cooperation so Dell is capable to gets more benefits. To decrease the company’s cash cycle, operating cycle and operating cycle, it is combines both the supplier’s influence of intangible assets and tangible assets together. The Transaction cost theory creates the vast competitive improvement for the company. To achieve the success, the efficient and robust Information technology communicates between the Dell and its partners. Partners play the vital role to achieve the success. This model is mainly looking after for the innovations and these are associated with the integration of SCM, KMS and CRM.

When the competitors form the team then combines the benefits is agree by many numbers of authors. The competitors like greater force, inter-partner learning and power to fake together into the new established markets as well as collecting the resources. However, other side contains the fear of critical corporate information for over-sharing and threat of trust and knowledge. These are makes to spoil the company market position, if the competitors use these. Therefore, these types of relationships are generally connections by the network sharing. However, sometimes the network complex interdependencies cannot coordinate or controlled but can only manage.

Among the success of hypercompetitive future, the business models are supports by only the high-tech companies. The future model contains the advantage of business model in the horizontal but not vertical. Therefore, this is the reason; the IBM Company will hold stable or slightly reject the Dell computers compared than to other companies. The other company’s drops down the 40% during the middle of 2000 once the economy is in uncertain position. Dell believes at that time is vertically connected enterprise is more than the vertically integrated enterprise proposed by Michael.

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