Challenges and Recommendations of Managing Information System

In the below figure, the most of Enterprise System challenges can be assume from the Key factors motivating the realization of ES values. The ES allows the enterprise-wide management view of overall, how the company performs well.

It requires the vast amount of investment, spends the huge amount of time and high costs at the unfortunate side. Therefore, in the extensive implementation, it faces many of the daunting difficulties. Problems crop up after implementation when it comes to optimize, integrate and in format.

The bigger companies are facing the major problems because the companies use the hundreds or even sometimes use the thousand computers in the different type of departments. These departments serve the involving the various business units, functions, and management tiers.

Still the integration brings the quicker communications, money savings and improved decision-making and the integration is the more complex in the ongoing process can takes the many years to completely automated. To overcome this problem, the centralized shared services implementations are also includes by the recommendations. Whereas by sharing the software, hardware or other firms core business process, some companies left the services in the future. The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools or web services to make the applications well matched to each other. Otherwise organizations requires to collaborate and business processes and agree on key information is the pain full process.

Among the more efficient arrangement between systems and required process, ES Customization can brings the optimization. The companies requires to make confident that managers and non-IT employees are educated about the process of new system suggestions and allow them to achieve it and to get the use of system. Before the presence of optimization, the managers are live using the system. The same in format process is applies which is known as an evolutionary process. Moreover, the professionals and managers are must learns the how to create the most professional use of persons information or data and how to separate out the information of good business from the huge amount of transactional data.

Organizations looking for to contract with that type of problem must implements the new ES functions. Moreover, these functions are like applications of performance measurement. For example, to track the performance uses the balanced scorecard application. The performance is handles the earlier information requirements and among the management information analysis considers the operations to generate the new insight. Data warehouses, ad hoc and portals reporting functionalities are also useful for the employees and permit the company to appear with the new and improved quality information or data.

From its ES, Dell is capable to accelerate and realizes the values. Moreover, to get the implementation of critical mass and get the most benefit on seamless flows of data and better integration and business Units, the information between the departments, and geographies, this company invests the much time and requires the which resources are come to use. To accept the bifocal advance on the long term and short-term benefits, the many firms play the safe role. To achieve the consequently produced equivalent action plans and benefits, Dell performs well and prioritizes intelligent benefits. Its incorporated MIS has effectively achieved its vital optimization goal.

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