Thyristor ECE Seminar Report

Thyristor is the general name provided for the gadgets family. This is most essential part of power. This includes great uses today. This project includes the orientation and describes the features of thyristor gadgets. This even includes common orientation of power technology. This includes the common data of the power technologies gadgets such as Power and IGBT MOSFET. Finally, this contains the future uses of thyristor gadgets under diverse areas.

 This has evolved greatly essential concept for productive, convenient power transmitter, and organization. We assume the circuits and gadgets for energy technology and obtain availability. The two important features of great productivity and great dependability are executed with circuits.

The great advancement of their uses is present in this study. Portable communication gadgets and pc will be impractical. Great-accomplished lighting methods, motor controls, and broad limit of company controls rely on energy technology. Powerful development is happening under automotive uses and in dc power provisions for communication methods, portable gadgets, and under high-end converters for microprocessors.

 Thyristors are three-terminal gadgets which include four levels of another p-type and n-kind element and include important power handling part. The thyristor is bistable. The control end of the thyristor is known as the gate (G) electrode and linked to integrated form like the portion of the device. The alternate two terminals are known as anode (A) and cathode (K).


Power electronics is the review of technological circuits to manage and transmit the electrical power. The electronic is the important portion of our power infrastructure and it is the important driver for the broad limit of electricity application.

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