The Object Oriented Features Of C++ Topics For Students

The Object Oriented Features Of C++ Topics For Students: Object is an abstraction, concept, or thing. Object has two purposes. They improve understanding of the real world and provide a basis for implementation of a computer. Objects have identity and they are distinguishable.

An object Class defines a group of objects with similar common behavior, properties, and common relationships to the other objects with common semantics. Object class has same attributes and behavior pattern. The main motivating aim of object oriented approach is to get rid of the flaws encountered.

Features of object oriented programming are, emphasis is on data than procedure, programs are divided into objects, data structures are designed to characterize the objects, data is hidden, objects may communicate with each other, new data can be easily.

The wrapping up of data and functions into a single unit is called encapsulation. It is the striking feature of a class. Abstraction is defined as an act of representing essential features by hiding background details. Classes make use of the concept of abstraction as a list of abstract attributes like weight, size, cost, and functions. The aim of abstraction is to separate those aspects that are important from those aspects that are not important.

Reusability is one more feature of OOP. Inheritance is the concept with which objects of one class acquire the properties of other class. It supports hierarchical classification concept. Polymorphism refers to the ability to make one or more forms. This operation exhibits different behaviors in different examples. Polymorphism basically has two types, Compile time Polymorphism and Run time Polymorphism. C++ has various operators that manipulate data of the primitive data types such as operator overloading.


Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a computer programming that uses objects, data structures that consists of methods and data fields with their interactions to design computer programs and applications. This technique includes many features like data abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

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