Symbian Operating System Seminars For CSE Students

Symbian Operating System Seminars For CSE Students: Symbian is a mobile operating system (OS) which is targeted at cellular mobile phones and provides a high-level of integration with personal information management (PIM) functionality and communication. The Symbian OS is open for third-party development by enterprise IT departments, independent software vendors, network operators, and Symbian OS licensees.

This OS is licensed by world’s mobile phone manufacturers BenQ, Fujitsu, Arima, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. It is the leading OS on Smart cellular phones.

Symbian OS has three design rules. They are the integrity and security of user data is   paramount, user time must not be wasted, and all resources are scarce. This OS has a microkernel architecture that means minimum usage is within the kernel to improve availability, robustness, and responsiveness. It consists of a memory management, scheduler, and device drivers.

It is to ensure that Symbian OS is adopted as the operating system by its customers for the development of lower cost and higher volume, advanced and data-enabled phones which are known as smartphones.

Symbinan OS is an open standard operating system for data-enabled mobile phones (smartphones) from Symbian Ltd. It supports PC synchronization, Java, GPRS packet-switched data, and Bluetooth local wireless access. The first phone which used Symbian OS was the Nokia 9210 Communicator in 2001.

It is written in C++ and therefore considered as its primary programming language. C++ provides the highest access to the Symbian OS. Symbian is a software licensing company which supplies and develops the open, advanced, standard operating system for data-enabled mobile phones.


Today’s modern smart mobile phones are available as small sized/handy on optimized memory usage, extensible new software, minimal battery use, affordable, and many form factors. Symbian OS hence offers a user friendly platform which is easy to build applications and makes a large developer community.

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