The Garment Manufacturing Information System Based on RFID

The major components are included in this. 

  • Token of RFID: 

This is having passive tag and low frequency. In order to fulfill the order using the sleeves, hoods, and cuffs. With the use of these materials as bundle it gives the unique ID for that token.

At the cutting department, the readers of RFID are installed; next this is installed in the every sewing machine and tables of QC.

The connection of RFID readers of 40 sets is done with the work station of PC; this is possible in the business structure. Data before upload to the server of the computer, this PC is collected.

The data is transmitted from PC to server; this is done by using the Ethernet system.

  • System Implementation 

The sew lines are installed after the trail period completes with manufacturing management system based on RFID. From Industrial Engineering Department (IED) Set up the new support team, those are involved in the data collection managing and analyzing. In order to monitor the line balancing, the data analysis is done by the responsible IED team. In analyzing the data, the team measures “before using RFID after using RFID”.

In this recording the process of manufacturing, and it is helpful for the managers who caring about the line balancing in the manufacturing company. The line balancing is better for managers with real time RFID based garment manufacturing information system’s availability. If there is no real time, there is only estimating in terms of time to complete and their experience. But using of this real time the managers can get the exact information which is related to the customer’s time and experience. So from the RFID system the managers can get the information of real time data, so by using of this they will assign the sewers in order to give the quick response for the production departments.

With the real time data, the performance of the individual sewer also monitored. The performance of the daily production of employee gives the report of employee efficiency. For the same operation the company uses the number of persons, so the efficiency of employee’s production is compare to the standards of production fro particular performance of the particular operation.

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