8 Factors for Successfully Adoption of RFID Technology in Garment Manufacturing Companies

The successfulness of adoption of RFID technology in garment manufacturing companies is due to below eight factors.  They are (1)User involvement, (2) top management support (3)cost/benefits evaluation, (4)extent of succession supervision  (5)structure, and operation procedure compatibility(6)vendor selection(7)Organizational behavior (8)staff capability as well as  training. 

  • Vendor Selection: For the selection of vendors, cost is not the major concern. Vendor selection factors are operational environment of company, vendor extents, trusts between adopting company and the vendor, and evaluations that are lead to success of company. For the design and development purpose, adopt the characteristics. 
  • Organizational Motivation: Organizational motivations and needs are use for the performance improvement. This factor is use to motivate the each level employee in the organization using RFID technology. The Employees performance is better when the managers must motivate them and helping the employees to adopt. The company explains the potential details to employee such as sewers’ payroll increase and productivity are use to bring the organization role in the different position. 
  • Cost/Benefits Evaluation: The management is justifies and evaluate the cost and benefits of the RFID technology. The changes of IS strategic direction in company procedure is defines using this factor. Cost effectiveness is the key issue that is the RFID technology business value. Cost/benefit evaluation is mainly not for evaluating the financial factors. The company intangible benefits like creating the continuous improvement of culture are indirectly improves the business value using RFID technology.  
  • Top Management Support: Adoption project, users support, top management and commitment are the influence the successfulness and adoption decision of the implementation of RFID technology. It is required to provide the good information, resources and improves the supports of user. These are guide for the smooth implementation process. 
  • User Involvement: Top management supports guide for the strategic collision on the implementation of RFID technology, user supports and system actualizes the RFID technology potential business value. To understand the position and expectations of the user and describes how these are use to apply for the new technology; the users are involve in the development and the design process. This system is user friendly and promotes the user acceptance to developing the new technology.
  • Extent of Progress Supervision: Implementation process of close supervision forms the other successful factor. The adoption of RFID technology is not the curiosity for the installation of project. The system and worker interacts are use to observe the organization settings to acquire the extension and nature with the new system. Investigates how the new RFID technology is matches for the existing organization settings. To track the implementation process of the system, special department is build by the Organization.   
  • Staff Competence and Training: The RFID system is well matches for the staff capability so the potential users do not contains any problems to adopt the new system. Potential users are not well educated. Improving the job competence and staff capability provides the training programs. This factor use to develop the new technology.
  • Policy, Structure and Operation Process Compatibility: The changes made in the structure of organization, policies and operation process are direct to generate the higher business value in the organization. Adoption of RFID technology is interactive process. The new RFID technology system can obtain the information for real time production. In this case, adoption of the RFID technology came with the modifications in payroll policies and organizational structure. 

So this will be useful for those people who want to implement this technology in the process. So this will be very beneficial to those people. This study explains about the RFID technology.

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