Introduction to Term Papers on E-Commerce:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of e-commerce. As technology is advancing and  usage of computers is increasing day by day, e-commerce came into existence. Generally e-commerce is defined as the economic activity that occurs online. By using e-commerce we can do  all types of business activities like retail shopping, banking, investing and rentals etc. Many of the people who does business can be more benefitted by using this e-commerce.

Brief into E-commerce :

Generally, e-commerce is the place where all the businesses can be performed. All The products which are to be sold are kept on a website. The user can view the items which are kept on website .if user likes the item they can purchase the item online. The item can be purchased online by paying the money through debit/credit card.

After the item is purchased the user is asked to mention the address. By shipping the user can get the purchased good to the mentioned address. This way is more effective for the people who can buy/sell the items online. All the items are at one place. A proper publicity has to be given such that more people often visit the website. This can increase the purchasing effectively.     

Advantages and Applications:

 They are convenient for shopping. They are more secure. Prices are very less when compared to conventional one because of competition. These are used by many of the government organizations, manufacturers, educational institutions etc.

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