Dynamic TCP Connection Elapsing Seminar Topic

Introduction to Dynamic TCP Connection Elapsing Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of TCP connection elapsing. As usage of computers are increasing are day to day, as a result the usage of networks is more. The networks uses Transmission Control Protocol connection. The user on the network expect the connection continuously without any interruption. There is a problem that many of the times the TCP connection gets elapsed. When this connection gets elapsed there is no transmission, this may irritate the user. This theory has been developed to avoid such kind of problems.

Brief into Dynamic TCP Connection Elapsing:

When there is any fail-over of the connection then the user may like to move a socket from one machine to another such that connection on the socket is not last. To move the socket we need to follow three elements such as packets of the connection are sent to the new owner of socket and the previous owner should not receive any packets.

The key feature of transmission control protocol is peer can be left unaware when the connection is being passed from one host to another host. In the kernel new connection is created such that the connection which is resumed by previous owner is continued. This results in the transfer of packets continuously.

The transmission control protocol consists of a kernel that can perform the operations like dumping and restoring. This is used for debugging and demonstration.

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