Term Paper Report on Image and Image Models

Introduction to Term Paper on Image and Image Models:

Definition of an Image 

An image is a two dimensional functions of f, the x and y plane coordinates, the amplitude or the value of the function x and y coordinates is the intensity or the gray level of image at the particular point. The digital image forms when the x and y spatial and the intensity values of function x and y becomes discrete volumes and are limited. 

The Digital Image Processing 

The Digital image processing is done by the digital computer. This digital image possesses the limited elements or components in the particular location and value. The elements are known as Pixels or the Pels. 

The digital image processing has following stage to form.

1.     The image acquisition and preprocessing

The image preprocessing is to possesses the image to pre- process it to enhance the image for the cause of developing image like Scaling.

 2.     An Image filtering and enhancement

      An image filtering is to filter the image from some spatial elements  

      for the more developed image and quality. The image enhancement is   

      to calculate the results of an image for specific application. 

3.     An Image Restoration

The Restoration of an Image is to develop the quality of an image in terms of the appearance. The aim of Restoration is to inhibit the image deterioration which is based on the mathematical model. 

4.     Image Segmentation

The image segmentation is to segregate the image to its respective sub images. The segmentation is important as the good image is depended on the accuracy of segmentation. 

5.     Image Representation Description

The image presentation deals with the display of the pixel data with in the surrounding of its region. The image representation is to present the data in limited surrounding. The Description means the identity the different features of an image in terms of its quantity that is different to the other image. 

6.     Object Recognition and Interpretation

The object has to be labeled on the basis of selection, recognition and interpretation process to produce the high resolution and quality picture or image.

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