Intelligent Multimedia Example:

Intelligent Multimedia Interaction Term paper

Term paper on Intelligent Multimedia Interaction explains about new technology that has increased the multimedia interfaces and the bandwidth has also increased between the machine and human.  Signal to noise conversion improvement has also increased the communication.

Today multimedia computers are used everywhere it means that the computer that can edit, store, or retrieve information like audio, video, animations etc. these computers can be single user based and many users also. 

IMI means that when you combine arts, science, multimedia, intelligence to the one object. Upped division is used that defines the basic morphs, animations, objects paradigm. They use databases for both simple text and visual graphics. 

Light blue optics is the new technology that was first used in the Las Vegas at the consumer electronics show. They use Laser that is focused on the flat surface and this allows the user to feel the touch gestures or you can say that they create touch screen with Laser.

Introduction to MMS: 

MMS are just like electronic mail that includes handling of data, receiving, sending and forwarding the message. They are used by the BBN software that is the marketing company.

They have used five types of data: bit-map, graphics, speech annotations, spreadsheets with text and charts. You cannot sent of information to the user who do not have the service of multimedia application, then in that case BBN state will automatically convert it to the text message.

Features in Intelligent Multimedia Interaction:

Now the multi-media service also include the features have of data bases also. For that it has new programming language also that is develop especially for this only. New programming language like JOOMLA is developed then this service has gained lots of boom. This has added new 3d objects to the interfaces. This language was globally accepted and used.

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