CSE Paper Presentation on Multimedia Database Management System

Database Management System is that kind of system which can store all kind of data at a time. In this project we are dealing with MMDBMS that is Multimedia Database Management System. This is similar to DBMS.

Actually it is a framework which can produce all type of data and use for future reference. It can access all the entry with very easy method. Now come to the point purpose of this system.

Purpose of the System:

  • It gives a very well environment. 
  • By using of this system it is very easy to use all kind of data. It can access all data entry, creation, privacy and many more things. 
  • Integration: Make sure that information things desires not be copied throughout totally different program incantation requiring the info. 
  • Data Independence: division of the info and also the management tasks from the appliance programs. 
  • Concurrency Control: make sure transmission info reliability through regulations that sometimes impose some variety of implementation order on synchronal dealings. 
  • Persistence: the power of knowledge substance to persevere (survive) through totally different communication and program invocations.
  • Privacy: limit illegal entrance and alteration of keep information. 
  • Integrity control: guarantee reliability of the info condition from one group action to a different through constraints obligatory on group action. 
  • Recovery: ways required to make sure that consequences of group action that fail don’t have an effect on the persistent information storage. 
  • Query Support: make sure that that the question mechanisms square measure suited to transmission information. 
  • Version organizes: association and administration of various versions of constant objects, which could be needed by applications. 
  • So Database Management System is very advantageous for all kind of data storing and handling. It represent different kinds of data potential as well as data compatibility.

Download  CSE Paper Presentation on Multimedia Database Management System.

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