Technical Seminar PPT Presentation on 4G technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar PPT Presentation on 4G technology:

The paper is about the 4G technology. Previously there was huge demand for voice services which was the market driver. But today, there is an equal demand for data services also as the market driver.  The telecommunications are also undergoing vast changes for the increase in data services. These days’ new technologies are being evaluated in such a way that it results in optimization of transport of the data services and also offers higher bandwidth in the mobile environment.

The evolution of mobile systems is with the implementation of the First Generation Mobile Systems, used for offering a single service like speech, whereas the Second Generation Mobile systems are used for offering speech with limited capability for offering data at very low rates. Whereas when we consider 3G mobile systems are expected to provide multimedia services with high quality and can operate in different environments.

The definition of 3G includes, a combination of various devices, providing various services and also applications that various consumers are responsible for buying the new phones, and trying the new services and also willing to making payment for the services over a period of time.

4G results in high-quality transmission of video smoothly. 4G is also responsible for making immediate and visual interactions in a better and more humane in the world. 4G’s helps in taking a video with mobile and forward to other person and the other person can render the video with the help of PS3.  And also a person is capable of pushing the new photos of kids to others digital picture frame, capable of accessing the content in the digital locker box when not available in home even.

We can conclude that 4G provides an efficient wireless communication which can help people mostly in the wireless world. The technology is expected to launch by 2010 and all the people are looking for such a technology with can connect the total world.

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