Secured Data Transmission Through Networks Seminar Topic

Secured-Data-Transmission-seminar-topicSecured data transmission through network seminar topic explains about how secured data can be encoded in the form of image and advantages in this process along with detailed explanation of the process involved in the encoding secured message.

Data transmission through network involves lot of hacking and illegal data capturing which is main concern for companies and government organizations. This process explains about how data can be securely transmitted.

Before transmitting a secure message data is added in to image by changing least significant bit information to message bits. Then modified message is transmitted through network. This method is called LSB based stenography which is mostly used for securing  data. 


  • Cryptography is one of the old and widely used technique for securing data compare to many new hiding techniques. Stenography is the supplementary to cryptography which can be used for securing data. This seminar topic will explain a combined procedure for securing the data.

 download Secured Data Transmission Through Networks Seminar Topic, paper presentation.

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