ECE Latest Seminar Topic on Optical Camouflage

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Optical Camouflage:

The computers have a great impact on today’s life. The main objective of this project is improving the speed of the computer. A technology very large scale integration with small device dimensions and has greater complexity. In addition people are looking for solutions for their problem, with high speed and better performance. Unfortunately there is some physical problem with implementation of VLSI technology to meet modern requirements. 

Optical interconnections and optical integrated circuits solves these limitations in terms of speed and complexity. In the optical computer with electronic circuits and wires can be replaced by fibres so that the system can be more efficient in terms of cost or performance. 

There is some limitation for the usage of optical computers in the present situation of commercial computers; it can be the software requirements because the implementation of the software used is much complex and the other problem includes the cost of components and devices used in this technology. And implementation of fabrication technology is not applicable for optical computers.  

The future work of optical computers involves photonic laser transistors which process at high speed than electronic circuits and the costs associated with photonic transistors has fewer costs and makes the optical computer available in future. 

The future dream of data rates is from terra to exa bytes per second using optical computers. This is one of the future aims all needs to achieve. 

In this paper we have discussed about the limitations of  present system and given brief description about optical system which can solve all the limitations and in detail explanation of optical systems is given.

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