Technical Seminar Report on Wireless USB

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Wireless USB:

Imagine if we can transfer data from computer to printer, camcorder, Cell phones and other customer electronic products without any wired USB connection. This can be possible if Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) becomes a reality.

USB is the one of the most successful customer electronic product in the last 10 years. It is the de facto interconnect to most of PC’s around the world. Wireless USB specifications are designed for transfer of high speed data. In 2004 WUSB promoter group is formed which includes Agere Systems, HP, Intel, Microsoft Corporation, NEC, Philips Semiconductors, and Samsung Electronics.

Wireless USB has wide usage in both home and industry applications such as Entertainment PC, Digital Camcorder, Digital Still Camera, HDTV, DVD-RW/CD-R, (Recorder/Player), External Storage, Device (HDD), Game Console, MP3 Player, Set Top box, mobile device, Personal Video, Player (PVP), Personal Video, Recorder (PVR), Printer.

Topology / Technology requirements: – WUSB device works on ‘husband-spoke’ topology. The host is responsible for transferring data among devices connected to it by allotting bandwidth and time slot to each device. We can call them as clusters. There will be point to point connection between wireless USB host and Wireless USB device. In this connection type hubs are eliminated. A host can be connected to 127 WUSB devices at a point of time. Even if there are multiple wireless USB devices connected to same host the clusters co-exist within the same environment / radio cell. In the next stage connection between two hosts and a normal USB is also possible. Wireless USB will be based on the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio.

Since security is the major aspect Wireless USB has to deliver the high standards of security just as wired USB. Authentication of devices before operation of device is needed for connection-level security between devices. At application level encryption needs to be implemented. The installation and operation of wireless USB should be made simple and opera table.

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