Intrusion Detection System CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Intrusion Detection System:

 Now a day we speak about, like someone is trying to misuse my system.   A system may be can considered as as standalone or in a network. Thus in real sense our system may be misused in any physical location or as part of some network or through any remote location and so on .

The above concept in in technical terms known as Intrusion. 

Now what we need to do ,is to find a solution to the problem of what we term as Intrusion .So first thought that comes in mind is,we need to have  some mechanism that will try to detect this problem and find a solution.

A technical person in that situation will think to create a software .

The software that was created to solve the problem known as Intrusion is known as Intrusion Detection System. 

Now we know what a Intrusion is and what a Intrusion Detection System is  .Our next goal is to know as to where,why and whensuch system need to be implemented. 

1)In Big Organization :-Why –Since big organization have all their sensitive data stored in some database in a network .These network are more prone to attack and to deteck such attack Intrusion Detection System is used . 

Now what is the reason of what we call Intrusion Detection System as some advance users of computer may say ?

At first thinking we may feel that their thought are correct .

Reason is they think we already have a firewall in my system that would block all unnecessary things .

Why and how IDS become useful

A firewall cannot detect to maximum extend of application level attact .

A self attack by firewall or it is possible (we  say my explorer hanged due to firewall) thus IDS can monitor the network to maximum extent and can then perform analysis using statistics for all such abnormal activity. 

The only pitfall of IDS is it need some human intervention, its not fully automated to identify attack.

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