Paper Presentation on Airborne Internet

Introduction to Paper Presentation on Airborne Internet:

The internet sector particularly the broadband spectrum has seen growth in enormous proportions from the dawn of the 21st century. Be it food, results or internet, nowadays generation wants everything at a lighting quick speed. Today’s internet is all about live streaming, social networking, connecting and chatting with friends and family, downloading multimedia file etc. whereas internet was used for just sending mails and searching something in the older times.

The delay word is hated by many customers around the world and they want to utilize the maximum resources available at a lightning quick time. Satellite communication is the principal source of transmission in the current internet scenario and transponders would be installed in the satellite to send signals to earth and to manage the packet data services. Airborne internet is a latest innovation made with the help of a different platform named high altitude long operation (HALO). This new technology overcomes the drawbacks of the current satellite communication system. The speed range of the data packet transfer will be around 16 GB/s.

A wireless network platform is the principal technology on which the HALO works and this is achieved by installing a wireless router system inside an HALO aircraft operating across a specified area. These aircraft would be made up of a fixed wing frame and comes with twin turbofan propulsion system which increases the aircraft efficiency a notch higher and also allows these aircraft to operate at a high altitude.

With the star topology HALO aircraft becomes a hub of wireless communication network which will have many subscribers with authorized access. Subscribers can register with these services and can receive Wi-Fi signals from these HALO aircrafts virtually without any obstructions or delay. For business purposes, there would be HALO gateway setup in the ground and from through an ISP and PSTN networks we can send packets to remote metropolitan centers.

The altitude on which these HALO aircrafts would be operating is higher than normal passenger and higher aircraft and because of this weather factor is also negotiated leading to a totally uninterrupted signals at any weather or geographic conditions.

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