Seminar Report on Agent Oriented Programming for CSE Students

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Agent Oriented Programming:

Software development field undergoes rapid changes from time to time, with an increase in need for more sophisticated software across all platforms has led to many new innovations in the field of software engineering. Platform interoperability is a major factor when it comes to nowadays software and this should be sans any recompilation process.

The proposed Agent Oriented Programming technology is proactive and autonomous at the same time. The software will behave according to the environment it is in and complete autonomy would be assigned to it so that it can adapt to various rational tasks according to the situation.

Advantages of AO technology system

  • Robust autonomous technology
  • Platform interoperability
  • Real time complex distributed application
  • Rational goal direction
  • Human type behavior
  • Team Oriented

This human modeled behavior is achieved due to an entity called agents built by this AO technology. These agents will be communication based and would be reacting purposefully according to the situation.

Different types of programming techniques

  • Structure programming
  • Object oriented programming
  • Agent oriented programming

In agent oriented programming technique, entities called agents give computation a complete social perspective. Individual goals are achieved with the help of autonomous entities and each step is controlled and completely devoid of any user interference. Software engineering has evolved all these years and this type of agent oriented programming is one of the most innovative one to come of its stable.

In AOP the mental stage would be described with a clear syntax in formal language, agents are defined in a programming language and neural agents are converted into agents allowing external communication with a non-agent as well. The biggest features of AOP are autonomy, social ability, re-activity  pro activeness, mobility, veracity, rationality, benevolence etc. These agents can be of many types such as Microsoft office agents, viruses, virtual players, web spiders etc. 

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