Smart Note Taker Abstract

Introduction to Smart Note Taker Technology:

It is a device that uses java applet program for its working.  It traces the motion of the pen and then draws the word and shapes on the computer.  It means when we write using the pen it is directly converted into the words in the file like word file that can be edited. It also used in the seminars by the teacher. It is setup like that it can it can identify more than 20 languages.

It uses special pen that comprises of sensors, memory, processor, battery and display. When we write it try to detect the shape and capture the motion and then display on the monitor. Now this information can be send to other computers using network. It also works if we write in the air. In case if you draw the shape then it draws the shape looking like that on the computer screen. For that it uses java language that support graphics very well. We generally use to two types of note taking: Standard and computerized.

There are different types of noted taker are available in the market like:

Pc note taker: they are the most advanced note taker. That uses real time for that, and capture the movement of the pen and then display them on the screen. They are also compatible with the note books.

I-Pen: they are the portable device that uses USB to connect with the computer then detect the motion of the pen.

Smart pen: it is just like a pen but it comprises of small computer and sensors that are embedded with the pen.

Advantages and disadvantages:  it is very accurate and also detects our normal handwriting. As it uses java language so it is compatible with all the graphics software. It is very costly for daily use.

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