Project Report on Linux From Scratch

Introduction to Linux From Scratch Project:

The LFS’s is to provide the need of understanding to the learner about the Linux System and its features. The interesting one in learning the Linux is to make Linux environment according to our needs and likes. The important feature of the Linux is it gives us to control the system rather than depending on others Linux program. 

The other advantage of the LFS is prepared a compact Linux system. While the installation of the current distribution, many programs are needed to add which are actually not required. The programs occupy the disk space and reduce the CPU capacity. 

The very important feature is the security in custom generated Linux. The whole system is compiled by the source code which enables the user to do audits of all and the security where ever required. 

Module: The module for the new Linux distribution is compiled in such a way that the new Linux system is generated in the already installed Linux distribution. They might be Red Hat, Debian, Mandriva and SUSE. The existing Linux now hosts as the preceding point for the required programs along with the compiler, and a linker, shell for creating a new Linux System. There are five modules to create LFS system which are following.

  1. The new Linux native partition and file system to be generated.
  2. The need of downloading the required packages and patches
  3. To construct a temporary system
  4. To construct a LFS system 

The Existing System 

The existing system has many programs to be installed, some are not useful. It also occupies the large storage volume. The system is not according to the user interests. The protection of the system is more concerned. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system consists of more advantages. The LFS system is created in compact system. It is user orientated due to customized. This system is safer. It can be audited easily. 

The Hardware required are Processor Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk drive. The Software consists of operating system is Linux.

Download  Project Report on Linux From Scratch.

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