Logistics Supply Management System Project in Java

 The project deals with various operations and transactions that are carried out in the different levels of Logistics Supply Management System. Waterfall model is adopted for the development of the project 

Logistics Supply Management System Project

The developed system is user friendly and the changes can be made easily as and when required. Hence the system can be maintained successfully without much rework. 

The Logistics supply management System thus developed provides highly coordinated and collaborative means for managing the sales and inventory activities in the organization. It serves, as a gateway for the accurate tracking of customer needs. It helps to track the project execution between the organizations. The features incorporated in the system such as 

  • Big Database Maintenance.
  • Order Management.
  • Customers Rating.

In the past, the employees of the Warehouse have been associated with performing organizational function, such as order tracking, stock maintenance and products category management in accordance with policies that have been established in conjunction with organization.  


  • The project has been brought within a short period of time, thereby were not able to reach all the options, as we found new during our research work.
  • As the new requirements arise, options can be added to the system by defining the functionality for the element.
  • Portability is maintained in this software.
  • Modification can be made to implement the software so that it can be well applicable to worldwide organization.
  • The software is not applicable for any other applications.
  • The software is not using any graphical images to display the available product in the stock. In future we are plan to incorporate catalogue management system for displaying the available articles with images, so that customer has the option to select the images and know the details of order according to the selected image of article.
  • Right now the software is not using WMS-related hardware, such as barcode readers for gaining accurate results.
  • At this time the software is not act as a fully user friendly. Because valid user is not able to change its details itself and these permissions are allowed to Administrator only.

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