Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SCADA System Project Abstract

Introduction to Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SCADA System Project:

When it comes to speak about technology, you will see the impact of technology in every field .There was a time where there was no machines, slowly this machines were part of our life, then there was a need to manage this machines .To manage this machines we man were required .Slowly man felt the load in their mindset to manage these task, a system was to be created.A need to create system that can control the machine own its own was needed. 

Now the next big question was how can a machine be controlled automatically this was the question in mind of normal people .One of the best solution was to use the computer, as computer can automatically perform the task was instructed on how to perform task. 

Its simple rule applied to computer was like “Tell me once and see my work “. Thus a industrial control system was developed.The name during the development given was Scada.

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition.Now since we have such a system we can try to implement in any field.

Eg .During construction of building, space station, airport

One of the major task of SCADA was energy consumption .Even if we speak that SCADA is automated it requires some form of human interference like operating the computer, what task to perform, when and what time. 

Some special components such as Sensors, relays, desktop, analog to digital convertor were used along with SCADA.

Another factor is location from where the system is going to be implemented means we need to track remote site from a central location using Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) .RTU generally helps in temparature, preasure, level, flow.

One of best application of SCADA is Waste water treatment, Ethernet, Windows Based Application.

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