Bullying in Workplace Environment: Building a Database to Analyze & Control Bullying

As of now there were no special databases available to record the issues of anti bullying. In general bullying is of many types like cyber bullying, school bullying and workplace bullying and each of them have their own implementation methods. There were many theoretical approaches to gather the data related to the bulling at workplaces and this database provides a practical and technical solution to those traditional approaches. Following few data aspects collected at workplace and the same are being automated in the database.

 Recognizing the problem at workplace: This involves finding the exact problem at the workplace and its extent and to achieve this, a separate form is maintained to gather the information. This particular process involves participation of any manager at that particular workplace and he will gather the information from the employees. The form here is filled by the manger and the same is circulated among the higher authorities of the organization for further action and a typical email communication will occur in this process. 

Risk Management: Once the problem at workplace is properly identified and escalated, the higher authorities of the organization will follow some Risk management methodologies to estimated the risk involved in the workplace bullying, and this particular assessment is done at a more automated level by considering the following aspects, which were captured on a form and stored at the database level and this is similar to a typical questioner and few of them are listed below 

  • Who is the effected with this bullying and what is the risk level involved
  • What is the nature of the violence occurred like verbal, sexual and physical etc
  • What is the frequency of the reported abuse
  • Who are the abusers and their reasons to make that particular abuse?

 All these issues are analyzed and recorded in a database for further risk assessment process. 

Complaint logging system: This particular complaint logging system is an automated process, where the employees at work place can log a complaint against the abuser and report the same to the manger at that particular workplace. This logging process involves tracking of many details as below 

  • Who has abused
  • What sort of action performed as a part of bullying
  • Date and time of bullying
  • Is it personal or professional issues of bullying
  • What is basic reason for bullying and its affect on the person 

This sort of data is collected from the employees and the manager starts analyzing the issues and the same form is escalated to the person who has abused 

Abuse explanation process:  When ever a person is reported that he or she has abused or bullied some one at workplace, this particular process is initiated at them and they need to give proper explanation for the abuse made and this entire process can be automated. The users need to fill a database form and escalate the same to the corresponding reporting manger, where the further analysis is done by the respective manager. A comparison mechanism is followed and both the complaint log and explanation form are evaluated to understand the issue involved in bullying and proper action is taken by the manger.  

Education and Training: Once the proper problem is identified at the workplace and risk analysis is done at higher authority level, a well planned education and training should be provided to the employees and abusers at workplace. This involves many automated articles on workplace bullying, nature of bullying and legal issues involved in bullying. All the policies involved in bullying are made available in the database and frequently escalated to the employees.

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