Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Using GSM

Super Control And Data Acquisition System Using GSM provides solution for controlling parameters like temperature, Light, Voltage and Current by using Global position system modem by sending messages. This application works on two methods, in one method user can adjust temperature, light intensity and other parameters and in second method user can auto set the feature. Different sensors are used for calculating variations in parameters and information is displayed on LED screen for indication.

In this project, we are using four sensors, four relays, ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion), Microcontroller, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for displaying the messages.

List of Hardware used in this project.

750 mA, 5V power supply.

3 terminal regulator(7805)

Bridge Rectifier

230/12v step down transformer

RFID with 5 V power supply. 

download  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System using GSM Project .

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