The main of  EIGHT CHANNEL DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM project is to capture data (Analog) from sensors and display on PC.

This application uses 8051 micro controller with a 8 bit analog to digital converter. And the out put is displayed on LCD screen.

A characteristic feature of A to D converters is its resolution; another important feature is the conversion speed.Higher the resolution more the number of bits required to represent the data. The digital data from the A to D chip becomes available when the chip indicates end of conversion. The A to D chip requires a clock for producing the conversion. An 8 bit ADC can produce a count of 255 for full scale. I.e. if the full scale (5V) then 5/255 will be the least value that the A to D can measure. This is called 1LSB. This value multiplied by the port data produces the voltage at the analog input of the chip. Another important aspect of any A to D conversion is the analog ref. Voltage supplied to the chip. The accuracy of this voltage dictates the accuracy of the reading.


  • Microcontroller
  • MCP3208
  • LCD display
  • Computer
  • Optionally a sensor

Skill set:

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
  • Serial communication programming in embedded C

download Eight Channel Data Acquisition System Abstract .