Stress Management MBA HR Project


In modern organization human resources are vital thus their well being is also important to the Management.  Most stress in organization is caused by the structure and design of the organization its Policies, Programme, and procedures of administration and Managerial style and strategies, thus organizations are interested in determining the organizational stressors and removing them as far as possible.

Stress is a very common phenomenon in modern organizations.  It is both physical and psychological. It is understand through biological disorder leading a psychological illness.  Stress does not result from a single experience.  But it occurs when the realization of desires and wishes are constrained by certain internal and external factors.

People often confuse stress, anxiety.  Where as anxiety need not result in to stress and burn out is state of mind.  Resulting from emotional stress.  A Person might feel strained when over worked on a particular day.  If their strained continuous it may result in burnout.  The factors that convert potential stress in to actual stress are called stressors.

These can be intra organizational or extra organizational . Intra organizational factors are again divided in to individual factors and responsible for stress relative purely personal dispositions, where as organizational factors are related to the conditions in which individuals work in organization.  Environmental factors are responsible for stress are out side the control of both managerial and individual actions, and hence are uncontrollable.

Stress need not always to be negative but it can be a positive consequence the positive from of stress is known as “Eustress”.  How –ever negative consequences of stress are grater concern as they have negative impact on organizational performance.  They have an impact on individual psychology and behavior on one hand and effect the organization on the other hand.


  • The study is intended to assist students to increase their awareness of stress.
  • The study provides a broad physical psychological understanding of human stress response.

The Main objective of stress of counseling and stress management advice is to talk on psychological coping and about the techniques intended to equip us with enough strength to control our selves.


  • The study is dependent mostly on the primary data collected form the senior manager of H.R. department of MCRB & Ms LTD.
  • The findings and suggestions are drawn based on the responses of the questionnaire made and the data provided by the company.
  • Only 5% of the organization is taken into consideration while the survey is conducted.
  • The project report is done in a period of  7 weeks time forms an important limitation for carrying out the project.
  • Accuracy of the study is purely based on the information as given by the respondent.


Using a scope document, it is critical to define exactly what is in scope and what is not of course, you will end to work with the Stress Management MBA HR Project  sponsors and at times, the project team to do this one of the scope is defined, it is crucial to have formal sign off.

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