Recruitment and Selection MBA HR Project


One of the most critical skills for operating a successful organization is the ability to recruit, select, and retain a skilled and motivated work force. To be effective in today’s increasingly competitive labor markets, the managers must be equipped and trained to:

• Recruit the most qualified applicant.
• Establish policies and procedures that allow the best applicant to be selected.

Talent acquisition and retention has become a significant job of HR manager. The success of an organization depends on deploying employees who can adapt to be comfortable and the changing environment.

A lot of planning is required in designing the selection procedure to ensure the reliability and validity of getting the right individual. Recruitment and selection helps in getting a right person. Getting the right person means getting the individual who well qualified and employable. There is an ample of quantity in the job market but quality is scarce.

The demand very high but the supply is very low. Getting potential candidates also required a systematic evaluation selection process so that the firm does not end up in recruiting a wrong candidate. Companies needs employees with right attitude and mental strength those who do not buckle under tremendous work pressure.

Now, work force and companies inability to recruit and maintain a good work force does constitute the bottleneck for production.

A study on recruitment and selection process in india infoline has been carried out for a period of 45 days. This project was taken up with the objective to know the satisfaction of the employees regarding the recruitment and selection process carried out in india infoline

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