Strategy & Change Management Masters in Business Administration Project

As the day to day increase in the airline industry and market, managing the changing the business environment and regulatory requirements has become the complex job and maintaining the airline industry has become critical. Airline industry should be able to adopt and move as per the changing business environment and if they can achieve this they can be considered as the market leaders in future. Airlines are commonly concentrating on few aspects like protecting themselves and maintaining their business value across the market and for this they are following many innovative frameworks.

There are few factors like de-regularization of air market that make the airline industry to focus on their competitors and achieve the benefits. In general year to year volatility in terms of capacity is being changed and it is always required to follow a suitable framework to achieve this and overcome the enterprise risks at an organization level. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can be used as the best tool to achieve this and airline can manage their risks effectively with the proper implementation of ERM.

                 In general ERM does not operate in isolation and can work independently to achieve the organization goals. On the top of ERM, ANP framework can be built where this can be used a decision making tool across the airline industry. ANP is a sophisticated software solution that can be applied to make high end decisions. Maintaining corporate sustainability is the key challenge across the airline industry to meet the competitors, manage risks and face the complex business environments. The Corporate sustainability model can be considered as an important framework that can be used by airline industry.

CSM can be used to maintain corporate sustainability in the terms of meeting the regular needs like financial, operational, social and economic goals of an organization. Aviation industry has decreased its concentration on the environmental factors while concentrating on the latest trends in the technology and gathering the passengers. In general the aviation noise and emission levels are high and the land usage to recover them is comparatively small and apart from this, airline industry is facing plenty of issues and few of them are listed below:

  • Globalization and the recent trend of merging and acquisition is putting the airline industry under pressure.
  • Instability of world economic conditions makes the airline industry to recheck their process and move towards a streamline approach.
  • Accurate and sound decisions should be applied across the airline industry to meet the global competition and these decisions should be fast and focused on the global level problems.
  • Maintaining the customer loyalty is the critical task for airline industry.

SCM model can be used to overcome these problems and maintain competitive advantage. Using this tool makes the airline employees to understand the day to day risks and utilize the opportunities and benefits and make the process to work in place. Active management of business risks can be identified and categorized with a proper solution to achieve the competitive advantage across the globe. 

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