Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Desktop Streaming

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Desktop Streaming:

This is an advance technique for solving the consumer problems through screen sharing rather than conventional methods. By using desktop streaming technique the customers can get problems solved. In this method the consumers screen and mouse are controlled and the problems are solved directly.  This is a web based remote application method that allows the customer support to remotely access the users system. In this paper we will see how the desktop streaming works and the advantages of using this application.

Brief into the working of desktop streaming:

By using the desktop streaming smart box the user initiates by submitting the question and when the customer support accept the message the can remotely control the user system. A viewer is present on the customer support system which displays the screen of the users system. To make the screen sharing process to receive and sent files a file transfer protocol is used.

To make communication process to run we employ web servers which run on java servelts. The entire design is made by using expertcity architecture which ensures high performance and flexibility. Expertcity architecture provides the high security for the sharing of data between the user and the customer support.

Advantages of using desktop streaming:

By using desktop streaming application we can solve the problems of the users effectively as we are remotely operating the users system. The conventional method like phone call method cannot solve the problems of the users effectively. Desktop streaming application is a secure application and a available at low cost.

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