An overview of steganalysis is provided in this seminar and some of the characteristics of this software is introduced that points out the various signs of hiding information’s  This is only a fraction of the steganalysis approach work. Detection techniques till date as applied in the case of steganography have not been properly devised and methods that are beyond the visual analysis are still being explored. The existence of too many pictures make it difficult for the analysis to view manually for the messages that are hidden in this format and to make this accurate and simpler it is necessary for the development of the tool. This will automate the entire process and also make the work of the analysis more beneficial.

The availability of the steganography tools as well as its easy application has concerned trafficking of illicit products via images of web pages, audio and other sort of transmission over the net. There are various processes of understanding and detecting of messages. The threshold of the present technology is still under strict investigation. The proper mechanism is the success of steganography results.

Stegomedium seems to be quite innocent and with further investigation the existence of information’s that are embedded can be broadcasted. Development in steganography and communications will continue. Research is continuing to grow for creating a more robust steganography method that can strive with the manipulation of images as well as attacks.

As more and more information’s are placed to make them reach to the public through the internet the more need arise for the information owners to protect themselves from fake representation and theft. Human perceptual weakness is used by most of the data hiding system and now it seems that almost none of the system used for data hiding is immune to any attack. In short, steganography cannot ever replace the cryptography technique but can supplement it easily.

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