Automated Water Tank Electronics Final Year Project Report

The main objective of the project Automated Water Tank Electronics Final Year Project Report aims at controlling water pumps with the aid of a logic circuit. It is automatic in nature and fills the water tank without manually switching it ON/OFF. The project is also coupled with a protection mechanism protecting the motor from ‘dry run conditions’. If there is no water in the source, the entire system shuts down preventing any motor damage.

             Not only this, this system checks for the purity of water. If there is excessive mud in the tank, the circuit indicates as well as switches OFF the motor. A numeric display counter is provided to see the amount of water level in the tank.

Project description:

           For the  Automated Water Tank Electronics Final Year Project Report, water level determining section is the input to the digital circuit. There are 2 levels at the top and bottom with the provision of two probes which sense the presence of water. The water presence checking section safeguards the motor from dry-run conditions. The pump set control logic is the heart of the project and controls all functions energizing the relay, providing set-reset conditions etc.

           The mud indicator is used to determine the mud levels and to shut down the system if required. The seven segment numeric display is used to gauge the water levels in the tank.


         The project’s main advantage is that it provides an inexpensive way to automate the water pump set. It also consumes less manpower and saves electricity. The project can be further extended to incorporate microcontrollers such that the entire work is done on a single chip. For continuous DC supply, use of solar power can be used.  A cleaning unit can be incorporated to clean the water in the tank.

Download Automated Water Tank Electronics Final Year Project Report.

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